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To enjoy each moment and having the best experience in Sapa, tourists are advised to be well-prepared before setting off. Choosing the best time to travel and preparing nescessary items to Sapa is what tourists should know.

Located at an altitude of over 1,500 m above sea level, in the northwest of Vietnam, Sapa is a mountainous district of Lao Cai province, a land hiding a lot of miracles. Coming to Sapa, you are attracted not only by the wonderful beauty of the forests and terraced fields, but also by this biggest heaven of shopping of the northwest of Vietnam. The following are some useful tips for you to go shopping in Sapa

If you are looking for a unique place that has so different charms cannot be found anywhere else in Vietnam, Sapa is just the right choice.
Sapa Among World’s Top 9 New Tourist Attractions

A highly acclaimed British website providing tourist information and guides, Rough Guides has listed Sapa- a mountainous district of Lao Cai province among top...

Sapa is a beautiful land where you can truly escape from the busy noisy urban routines.

Sapa, one of the most attractive points in Vietnam travelling map, still has its inconvenient times that visitors should avoid. Since Sapa is a...
Sapa by Night

Sapa is a beautiful, mountainous town in northern Vietnam along the border with China. It has long been a famous destination to tourists from...

Sapa is one of the most visited destinations in the north of Vietnam with beautiful natural lanscape and rich culture of ethnic people. Let check what to do when you spend a day in Sapa.

Sapa is a great destination for travelers who seek for the beautiful scenery and simple lifestyle of ethnic people. Coming to Sapa, toursts can explore the land with many activities.

Trekking and hiking are becoming popular in Vietnam due to the unique terrains.
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