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Sapa is one of the most visited destinations in the north of Vietnam with beautiful natural lanscape and rich culture of ethnic people. Let check what to do when you spend a day in Sapa.

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What to Do in Sapa

Hiking and enjoying nature is the name of the game in Sapa. The most prominent attraction in the area around Sapa is Fansipan, which is the highest mountain in Vietnam. It’s only 19km from town. This may seem like a short distance, but the trek is not easy; the rough terrain and unpredictable weather present some difficulties. Tourists who are fit and have mountain climbing experience will enjoy this attraction the most, as the peak is accessible all year round. Technical climbing skills are not necessary, but endurance is a must.

Fansipan can be found in Hoang Lien National Park, which is an attraction in itself. The park covers a picturesque mountain landscape and several forests, and serves as the habitat for a diverse set of animals. Some species can only be found in northwest Vietnam and are highly endangered. Nature lovers will truly appreciate this park.

Ta Phin village via Vietnam Travel Magazine

Other attractions that are part of the Hoang Lien National Park include the Cat Cat Village and the Ta Phin Village and cave.

In Sapa town, there’s a small museum and a modest cathedral. We highly recommend taking a stroll up and down the steep streets of this tiny mountain town. You may be hassled by tribal ladies to buy their wares, but it’s fun to talk to them.

The Best Things to Do in Sapa

  • Hiking
  • Visit tribal villages
  • Fansipan peak
  • Hoang Lien National Park

Sapa Restaurants and Dining Scene

If you’re looking for a good meal in Sapa, head to Cau May Street, which is the main street where most of the restaurants and cafés are located.

Moment Romantic Restaurant is recommended for a good quality Vietnamese meal. The menu is diverse, ingredients are fresh, and there are many vegetarian options. It’s a mid-range restaurant.

Delta Restaurant is known for its reasonable prices and well-made Italian dishes like pizza and lasagne. They also serve Vietnamese dishes.

If you’re looking for a local experience, try a Vietnamese hot pot to warm you up on a cold night at Gerbera Restaurant. The service occasionally borders on rude, but you can enjoy the rustic charm of this local restaurant and its authentic décor.

Moment Romantic Restaurant via Foody

Visitors with a sweet tooth will love Le Gecko. This establishment’s pastries are the best in town. It also serves light meals. Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate here after a chilly day is a nice treat.

Other dining spots worth visiting include Nature Bar and Grill, and Rose Garden.

The Best Restaurants in Sapa

  • Moment Romantic Restaurant (Vietnamese and vegetarian)
  • Le Gecko (pastries and crepes)
  • Delta (Italian restaurant and wine bar)
  • Gerbera Restaurant (Vietnamese hot pot)

Sapa Nightlife

Sapa isn’t known for its hectic nightlife scene. There are a couple of bars offering a place to meet fellow travellers, sink a few beers and play a game of pool. Most of the restaurants that sell beer and other drinks tend to close early in the evening. You can find a few karaoke joints frequented by middle-class Vietnamese travellers. There are no nightclubs or dance halls.

  • The H’mong Sisters is probably the most popular bar in town. It has TVs, pool tables and a well stocked bar.
  • If you’re looking for live music in Sapa, head to the Wooden Pub. The place gets packed when live bands play on weekends.

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